Future Prezidents @ Moxie Live


The Moxie Live is Toledo’s first and only art house pub. Located at 1205 Adams St. in the uptown art district it is housed in a building that sat empty for over 30 years. Now, Thanks to Aggie Alt, the owner, it’s one of the finest venues I’ve ever seen for the visual and performing arts. Exposed brick, vintage décor, café seating, an outstanding menu, a full bar and amazing energy and ambiance make The Moxie a great place to simply have food and drinks and spend the evening. The art scene however, makes it extraordinary and something Toledo has needed for a very long time.

On Thursday, June 4th the stage was taken by a band out of Florida called Future Prezidents. With Boris Simeonov on lead guitar and vocals, Jon Leonard on drums, Chris Cope on keyboard, and led by Chris Vincent on bass and vocals the band brought a sweet eclectic reggae sound with them from the subtropics and rocked the house. From original tunes to covers of various genres, Future Prezidents created an evening filled with intense energy, calypso rhythms and the sweet feel of an Island night all in uptown Toledo. When was the last time that happened? It’s a rhetorical question. The Moxie Live is responsible for filling the Adams St. corridor with that sweet vibe and they are just getting started. Looking for visual and performing artists of every genre, from sculptors to poets, from glass blowers to comics, from burlesque dancers to musicians, The Moxie Live is going create a new kind of pub experience and it is going to change the way Toledo makes art.

Leo Jarret